Hosting, Security & Support

Hosting, Security & Support

When it comes to owning a website, creating it is just the first step. You also have to buy a domain (affiliate) and you need a hosting package so it can also live on the web. But then there’s the security updates. The backups. The performance updates. The code tweaks when something breaks. Not to mention someone to answer questions when you can’t remember how to add a picture. Or link. Or someone to update the content when you’re too busy running your business? And who do you call if your site goes down? Or gets hacked?

You already hired the best to build your website. Now hire the best to take care of it.

A note on affiliate links: GoWP, Siteground & Namecheap pay us a small commission if you sign up through our links. Please be assured that we are only recommending them because we’ve found they work well and we trust them.

Domain Registration
Site Hosting
Custom email accounts
WordPress updates
Plugin updates
Off-site backup
Protection from malware, viruses, and other malicious code.
Free site clean-up in case of security breach
Theme updates
Technical support
Unlimited small tasks (under 30 minutes)
Designated point of contact
User training & tutorials
Are you more confused than when you started? Contact Flightless to help you determine your needs.

Want to register a domain? You can use to check domain availability and we recommend NameCheap for stand-alone registration.