The Legend of the Fruitcake

Flightless birds and swirly holly

Winged messengers soared through the skies, shouting the news: “The Messiah is born in Bethlehem!” Word spread across the globe, from flock to flock. Convening their councils, the birds commissioned delegates, dispatched them with songs of praise and gifts of fruit and berries. From all over the world representatives came and paid tribute to the newborn king.

Penguins, cassowaries, takahe, dodos, kakapos, and all the flightless birds rejoiced with their flying cousins, but lamented that they could not make the journey themselves. They met in council and discussed their options. They would send a gift, they all agreed, but what? Many proposed fruits and nuts, which they had in plenty. “But it is a long journey to Bethlehem. Will they not spoil?” interjected a concerned voice. “Easily solved!” shouted a voice from the crowd. All turned to see the renowned penguin, Omar the Baker, waddling forward. He brandished a bottle of triple sec and declared, “We can preserve the fruit, and bring all our gifts together in one delicious package!”

Omar shared his plan in detail, and the council made its decision. The flightless birds brought their contributions to Omar: raisins and figs, apricots and pears, cinnamon and clove, ginger and molasses. When he finished soaking the fruits, when he finished baking the cake, when he finished pouring the glaze, Omar brought his creation back to the council. All approved of the gift. They prepared a tin vessel, labeled it “To: Jesus, the Christ • From: the Flightless Birds”, and mailed their fruitcake to Bethlehem.

This “legend” is a unique story created by Jonathan Brinley and Stephanie Brinley especially for Flightless, Inc. It was originally sent out as Christmas gifts with homemade fruitcakes (the delicious kind). Copyrighted 2014.

Stephanie Brinley

Stephanie Brinley is a Branding Specialist, leveraging her experience in design and marketing.