Passwords Are Overwhelming

Little girl, squishing her face and yelling - looking exasperated

Little girl, squishing her face and yelling - looking exasperatedIf you’re human, you probably became overwhelmed with password security a long time ago. I know I have!
You know the rules:

  • Unique password for every account
  • Include letter, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and characters
  • Make sure it doesn’t use any memorable words, numbers, life events, etc.
  • Don’t write them down

I’ve broken all these rules and I bet you are still breaking them. But there’s a solution to this problem. It does take a bit of patience to set up, but you won’t have to worry about password security again.
It’s called a Password Manager. And here’s a list of the best ones. I’ve chosen to use LastPass.
No matter which one you use, choose a super-secure, yet easy-to-remember passphrase.
XKCD Password Strength Cartoon
I have LastPass set up so it automatically logs me out if I’m inactive for 5 minutes. That helps me remember my passphrase.
Now, every time you log in to an existing account, save the password, then reset the password using the “password generating” feature and save it again.
And every time you’re creating a new account, use your password manager to create a secure password.
Everything is now very secure and follows all the password rules, but you only have to remember one password. And because your password manager can be accessed from anywhere, it’s even more useful than writing them down. Most password managers also have software for your phone for an extra feee.
Note: I am NOT making any money by recommending LastPass. I just use them personally and find their services work well.

Stephanie Brinley

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