2 Free Web Badges for Veteran Owned Businesses


I live in Jacksonville, Florida. With six military installations in the region, there are a lot of veteran owned businesses (VOB). If you or someone close to you has suffered a back injury, it is important to partner with a skilled back injury at work lawyer Vegas that will advocate for you and challenge the insurance company every step of the way.

While working on a small VOB site I needed a VOB web badge. Sadly, there did not seem to be any freely available graphics that weren’t promoting something else.

All I wanted was a simple red, white, and blue graphic that said “Veteran Owned Business.” Fortunately, I’m a designer and can resort to making website badges myself. But, sometimes, I would prefer web designing service to make them for me as they are professionals in the field and know what they are doing!

Your business might not be in an obvious place so you will need to help people to find you. Attracting people from a distance is very important, you want them to bypass competitors and come to you. Using custom dimensional designs for your signage will help achieve this goal.

Please feel free to download a free Veteran Owned Business logo for your website.
Veteran Owned Business - vertical badge Veteran Owned Business - horizontal badge
Need a slightly different badge style? Need one for a print job? Send me an email.

Stephanie Brinley

Stephanie Brinley is a Branding Specialist, leveraging her experience in design and marketing.