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Everything is different!

We moved Adelie Design to Florida on July 4th, 2011, and changed its name to Flightless. In the meantime, we fell into the trap of many a company: we were so busy helping our clients (not to mention our new baby), we never updated our own website! Well, here we are. Welcome to the new […]

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Rethinking Object-Oriented WordPress Plugins

Following common practice in WordPress plugin development, you create a class for you plugin, instantiate that class with a $my_plugin = new My_Plugin(); in your main plugin file, and declare all your actions/filters in your class’s __construct() function, using something like: add_filter(‘init’, array($this, ‘my_init_function’)); And then you go on to add your plugin’s JavaScript and […]

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Think of the Users

Many businesses fall into a simple trap on their websites: they load up the front page with paragraphs and paragraphs of information important to the company. “What’s wrong with that?”, you might ask. Simply put: your visitors don’t care.

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Google Apps Dropping Support for IE6

Google is officially ending support for Internet Explorer 6 in Google Apps. This affects users of Google Docs and Google Sites beginning March 1, 2010, and will affect users of Google Mail and Google Calendar later this year. This is a welcome change. Providing support for a decade old web browser is severely limiting what […]

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