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Poppy Flower

Veteran Owned Businesses

I live in Jacksonville, Florida. With six military installations in the region, there are a lot of veteran owned businesses (VOB). While working on a small VOB site I needed a VOB web badge. Sadly, there did not seem to be any freely available graphics that weren’t promoting something else. All I wanted was a simple […]

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WordCamp US 2015

This weekend was the inaugural WordCamp US. I was privileged to not only attend, but to actually be a speaker. What an amazing experience! It was two days of non-stop talks about development, design, business, and the impact using WordPress has made in variety of ways. I met lots of internet friends in real life for the first […]

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What a year!

This has been an incredible year! Since May I have spoken at WordCamp Miami, WordCamp Tampa, and WordCamp Orlando. I am part of the organizing team for the first ever WordCamp Jacksonville coming in April 2016. And I will be speaking at WordCamp US in just a couple weeks! Thanks everyone that has supported and […]

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Style Tile Example Number 3 for Ice: Water with an Edge

Why I Use Style Tiles

You may have heard of style tiles before. Samantha Warren introduced them at SXSW in 2012 and then wrote about them for A List Apart. Creative Bloq has written about them. They even have their own website. Style tiles bring together fonts, colors and major design elements to give a structured, visual impression of design ideas. Think […]

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Design Presentations Screen Shot - Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

How appropriate that this old presentation should be dug up on a Thursday. When I worked for Ball State’s Department of Physiology and Health Science as the Multimedia Specialist, one of my jobs was to give a presentation each semester to the digital media class. As health science graduates, they will find themselves working in low-resource […]

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Little girl, squishing her face and yelling - looking exasperated

Passwords Are Overwhelming

If you’re human, you probably became overwhelmed with password security a long time ago. I know I have! You know the rules: Unique password for every account Include letter, numbers, uppercase, lowercase, and characters Make sure it doesn’t use any memorable words, numbers, life events, etc. Don’t write them down THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE! I’ve broken […]

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Flightless birds and swirly holly

The Legend of the Fruitcake

Winged messengers soared through the skies, shouting the news: “The Messiah is born in Bethlehem!” Word spread across the globe, from flock to flock. Convening their councils, the birds commissioned delegates, dispatched them with songs of praise and gifts of fruit and berries. From all over the world representatives came and paid tribute to the […]

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Man lifting weights from squatting position

Using Pinterest to Research a Target Audience

I have a friend that just became an officially licensed Crossfit affiliate. He launched a website and now we’re working to make it the best it can be. One of the things I always need to do is learn about the target audience and find out what they’re looking for, their visual interests, etc. All […]

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Screenshot of Nissan flip-book-style website

Simple Innovation

Sometimes you see something so simple, yet so far from the norms that all you can do is sit there, mesmerized. That’s what happened when I visited a website for the new Nissan Note. The site is in Japanese, but words aren’t necessary to be awestruck. Go take a look for yourself.  

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