Stephanie Brinley

Screenshot of Nissan flip-book-style website

Simple Innovation

Sometimes you see something so simple, yet so far from the norms that all you can do is sit there,…

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Honest SEO: How to Legitimately Increase your Page Rankings

What is SEO? SEO. The abbreviation is thrown around a lot (usually while a lot of money is being thrown…

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Human Choosing Cycle

If you have a public web site, chances are you want visitors. The purpose for wanting visitors (members, customers, ad-clickers) will…

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Cultivating Web Links: Good, Bad, and Awful Methods

By cultivating quality links, you can greatly improve your website’s page ranking and increase traffic to your site. There are millions…

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Letter f made with wooden blocks

Alphabet Blocks

I was playing blocks with my son today for the umpteenth time and decided to “cure” my boredom. You can…

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Our Forebearers

As a designer, one program I use a lot is Adobe Illustrator. It’s a good program for building logos, artwork…

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Let's "negotiate"

People are always trying to “negotiate” with designers to get the “best deal”. Many of us are more than willing…

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Happy Pi Day!

Don’t forget to celebrate pi, that incredibly useful constant. You can even toast the moment at 1:59.

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