Intentional Marketing

Going Beyond the Business Card

Even in this modern age, a business card is a useful tool. A useful tool you’ve already invested resources into. Let us take that design and make it work harder for you. Move beyond the business card to extend your branding to flyers, rack cards, brochures, promotional items, and more. Starting with one little card, we can apply our thoughtful design process to create sales pieces that resonate with your customers and stretch your dollar even farther.

Rack Cards & Brochures

Your rack cards and brochures are the best trained sales associates your business has. They don't argue about what to wear; they never roll their eyes, or spend too much time on Facebook; and they always follow your script. A rack card or brochure can continue the conversation after you have left.

Square brochures for AwakenChurch


Whether you need a flyer to put on a trade show table, place in a bag after purchase, post in your window, or email to customers, a professionally designed flyer will make you stand out. At Flightless, we add the little touches that subconsciously signal quality. Do you have a recurring event? We can create a digital flyer that allows you to change the important details, while still keeping that professional edge.

Promotional Flyer for Achieve Fitness

Stephanie knows what you need, and gets the job done quickly and professionally. Flightless will take your business to the next level.

Mike, General Manager, Achieve Fitness

Promotional Items

Do you have a pen from a local company sitting on your desk? Maybe you wear a free t-shirt to the gym? Those are examples of promotional items. In an age of Facebook ads and boosted Tweets, handing out a freebie might seem passé; but believe it or not, promotional items are still the most effective form of advertising. According to research done by PPAI, 83% of consumers are more likely to do business with a brand after receiving a promotional item. That's more than the number of consumers influenced by mobile (17%), print (12%), broadcast (17%), and online (6%) advertising combined.*Das, Moumita. “Tipping the Scale.” PPB, June 2017, pp. 83.
Glass bottle with edged logo, lapel pins, & stickers

Are you ready to go Beyond the Business Card? Let Flightless take you higher.

Beyond the Business Card CTA