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Design Presentations Screen Shot - Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

How appropriate that this old presentation should be dug up on a Thursday. When I worked for Ball State’s Department of Physiology and Health Science as the Multimedia Specialist, one of my jobs was to give a presentation each semester to the digital media class. As health science graduates, they will find themselves working in low-resource […]

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Human Choosing Cycle -- Interest: types interest into search engine → Gather: gains better understanding of topic → Research: more specific searches → Exclude: eliminates particular results → Choose: makes selection from final results

Human Choosing Cycle

If you have a public web site, chances are you want visitors. The purpose for wanting visitors (members, customers, ad-clickers) will vary from site to site but no matter the reason, you need visitors before you can achieve your goals. When trying to increase visitors, it’s helpful to be aware of the human choosing cycle. Whether looking […]

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Cultivating Web Links: Good, Bad, and Awful Methods

By cultivating quality links, you can greatly improve your website’s page ranking and increase traffic to your site. There are millions of posts on the internet about how to do this, and it can be hard to separate the legitimate suggestions from the bad ones and the outright awful ones. Here are some simple steps you […]

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