Painting of wildflowers using CMYK method

Painting with CMYK

What happens when you paint with CMYK instead of the traditional primary colors?

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Jonathan and Stephanie at WordCamp Miami

Married Couples Speaking at WordCamp

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When Jonathan and I were both selected to speak at WordCamp Miami, we were asked if we were the first…

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Design Presentations Screen Shot - Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday


How appropriate that this old presentation should be dug up on a Thursday. When I worked for Ball State’s Department…

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Honest SEO: How to Legitimately Increase your Page Rankings

What is SEO? SEO. The abbreviation is thrown around a lot (usually while a lot of money is being thrown…

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Human Choosing Cycle

If you have a public web site, chances are you want visitors. The purpose for wanting visitors (members, customers, ad-clickers) will…

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Cultivating Web Links: Good, Bad, and Awful Methods

By cultivating quality links, you can greatly improve your website’s page ranking and increase traffic to your site. There are millions…

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