What Can We Control?

March 19, 2020

Original - What I Can and Can't Control

by The Counseling Teacher

As humans, we like to pretend we're in control, but the novel coronavirus working its way around the globe is a stark reminder we're not. It can lead to anxiety and stress, and sometimes we even begin to panic. To prevent these from happening, try kava drink today. If you're wondering where to buy kava, click here.

It's hard enough as grown-ups, but it can be just as difficult for kids to deal with the feeling that the world is out of control. They hear everyone talking about COVID-19 and coronavirus and worry what it means for them and the people they love.

Today, I saw a wonderful graphic from The Counseling Teacher. It reminds us to take our focus off of what we can't control, and instead focus on those things we can still control. She has also has a free packet to use at home with your kids.

However, this graphic was really designed more for the parents than the children, and I really wanted a graphic to use with my kids. Using this graphic as inspiration, I've created both a digital graphic you can share, as well as a poster version you can print out and hang up at home.

Click Thumbnail to Download Poster

Graphic - What Kids Can and Can't Control