Zoom from anywhere, not just your living room!

Boost your digital meetings to the next level with custom Zoom virtual backgrounds. We incorporate your logo into either a solid color or a themed background image. Order one today.

Unfortunately, some devices cannot use virtual backgrounds. Please check the specifications to see if you can use virtual backgrounds.

You can also review the instructions from Zoom.

Rotation of images showing difference between a custom background and what's really behind you.

Order Your Zoom Virtual Background

Zoom Background
The next two questions are about the size and positioning of your head within your Zoom camera view. This information helps determine the location and size your logo on the custom background.
When looking at yourself in Zoom, how much of the screen does your head take up? *
When looking at yourself in Zoom, where do you see your head positioned? *
Which background(s) do you want? *
Do you have your own photo you want to use on the background? *
Upload your logo:
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB
A logo with a transparent background will give better results
If you have a specific image you want to use, upload it here. (If you don't have a photo, I'll find one for you.)
Maximum upload size: 10MB
Image should be at least 1920 x 1080px
Do you have the right to use this image? *
Have you reviewed the specifications for using a Zoom virtual background? *