Streamlining the Web Design Process Using Style Tiles

Stephanie Brinley

December 4, 2015

Style Tiles are a simple and effective way to help clients separate design decisions from content, so you can make sweeping changes before they become time-consuming and expensive. If you design websites, or work with people that do, this presentation will explain how Style Tiles can promote buy-in and a sense of ownership from the client, helping them feel like the final design was their idea all along. You will learn how Style Tiles fit into the design process and development process.

To help you get started, I’ve provided a Style Tile template and some basic survey questions. You can view a live version of the website survey or view the Google Doc version of the survey questions. You can also view a live version of the branding survey.

You can view the original version of the slides from the presentation that was given on May 30th at WordCamp Miami 2015. You can also view the updated slides from September 25th at WordCamp Tampa 2015 on September 25.

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