Awareness Website

Not Just Pink is an organization founded to raise awareness for male breast cancer. The founder had created a self-made website but contact Flightless to create a professional web presence. We were commissioned to share his story, educate visitors, recruit donors, and create a system for subscription-based reminders.

Before building the website we had to develop an appropriate design. The design needed to avoid the typical pink, be geared towards middle-aged men, but not be to “manly” as to be off-putting to women. After experimenting with several options we settled on a simple, black and white design.

The basic structure of the site was pretty straight-forward. The bulk of the work came with the recurring donations and the self-exam reminders. Although recurring donations are a frequent feature of fund-raising websites it still takes some time to get it built and working properly. The most time consuming aspect was the self-exam reminders. The service needed to take into account several criteria:

  • Annual subscription
  • Choice between email and texts
  • Ability to switch between delivery options
  • Reminders for subscription renewals
  • Option to sign someone else up for the reminder service
  • Ability for “gift recipient” to receive texts without running afoul of federal anti-SPAM laws

We had to integrate payment subscriptions with an email list service and a texting service. We were able to steer clear of anti-SPAM laws by only allowing email-delivery reminder gifts. Once the gift is given, the recipient has the option to change the delivery service to texts.


Not Just Pink