Logo for Bakery Start-Up

A baker with a dream needed a logo to kick his vision off right.

This logo was the start of making dreams come true. Mr. Granger is a designer, marketing assistant, and amateur baker with dream of opening his own bakery. We sat down and discussed his dream in length. We talked about where he wanted his shop, what he wanted to sell, what decor he envisioned, and what colors he liked.

From there, I synthesized his jumble of ideas and created a logo he wasn’t happy with. And that was okay. I went back to the drawing board and kept working. I tweaked it this way and that way. We evaluated 30 shades of blue and 10 shades of brown. It was a lot of work, but Mr. Granger has a good eye and his desire for perfection made me a better designer. And in the end, I developed a logo that thrilled him.

He is now able to use that logo to build his brand before he even has a lease in place.



Stephen R. Granger

I have been branding since we finished the logo and it has gotten to the point now where people know the Melvets’ name. It is awesome to see the buzz. This month I’ve had two large events, one wedding, and two business partnership offers. So the baking dream is very much alive and looking forward to opening the bakery. People love the logo and it is to you I owe millions of thank yous!