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Green Cove Springs Business League

The GCSBL puts on a monthly art’s market and an annual Christmas parade. Thanks to the popularity of these events, the event logos we created, based on the initial logo, have become more widely recognized than the primary organization logo.

Green Cove Springs is an historic little town down the street from us, and also our county seat. Unfortunately, historic does not always mean maintained, and downtown was suffering from empty storefronts and dilapidated buildings. In 2013 a handful of local business owners decided it was time to make a difference and founded the Green Cove Springs Business League (GCSBL).

The city is home to a vibrant arts community and the GCSBL approached a well-known local artist to create a logo for them. Unfortunately, someone can be an amazing artist while having no sense of design, and this “logo” left much to be desired. A few years later, the board approached Flightless with the task of creating a new logo. A true logo that could be utilized in color or black & white. One that would work in print, on a mug, or even embroidered on a shirt.

When designing the initial logo, the GCSBL asked for a “metro-retro” look, a reach back into the heyday of tourists and diners and cars. To do this, we introduced a diner-style typeface with some decorative elements that were reminiscent of old neon signs. We also borrowed the typeface already utilized by the city for some branding continuity and symbolizing a reach forward toward new growth, opportunities and technology.