Mobile Focused Web App

Flightless was tasked with creating a web app for primary use on mobile phones. On the consumer side, the main goal of the app was to make it easy for users to search for concerts by date, band, or venue based on their current location. On the other side, there needed to be the capability to allow users to enter a set number of entries based on fees paid.

Setting a current location, and searching and sorting based on the set criteria was fairly straight forward. The main concern was the user interface (UI). It needed to be simple and intuitive, make it easy to see results, browse them, and dig deeper. We looked at a variety of existing apps that organize location based data, such as Google Maps and Yelp, to inform our UI. We settled on an accordion menu for results that only shows the name and (for date and venue) distance from your location when closed. When an specific event item is expanded, it gives the most important details of date, time, price, address, and excerpt. Events and venues can then be looked at individually for more detail.

Although the primary usage is intended for mobile, we also had to consider desktop use and adjust the design accordingly.