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Tiffany Howard

After real estate agent Tiffany Howard received a very disappointing, “free with purchase” logo, Flightless was able to start from scratch to create a logo to make her swoon. Starting with our Comprehensive Customer Survey, we were able to find out everything we needed to create a logo she could be proud of. From there, we jumped off to create a variety of marketing pieces.

Real estate agent, Tiffany Howard put forth the hard work to become a broker and struck out on her own, eager to make her mark in the industry by offering top-notch services for clients looking to purchase or sell homes in the Tucson area. She was initially disappointed with her logo, which had been “thrown in” when she purchased her marketing materials, as it didn’t accurately reflect her brand image. However, Tiffany quickly realized that she had the power to turn things around and make a name for herself, offering the best tucson houses for sale from eXp and delivering exceptional results for her clients.

It was at this point she was referred to Flightless. After a brief conversation and a thorough survey, we had a good grasp of what Tiffany was really after. We synthesized all of the data and developed three different logo directions for her to choose from. Once Tiffany made her choice, we worked together to refine and perfect her new logo.

After creating a new logo, we then worked closely with Tiffany to create a variety of marketing materials, including a “Mini Mag” and a custom-designed, Mid-Century Modern style Christmas card.