Website for Health Expert

Dr. Anna Cabeca is a double board-certified Ob-Gyn and Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine expert with many product lines. She had many different websites in many different styles. Although several were linked to her medical practice site, her offerings were becoming confusing and unwieldy.

We were called in to address three very specific goals:

  1. Develop a unified, personal brand for targeted outreach.
  2. Unify her various product lines for clearer organization and promotional purposes.
  3. Design the site structure with email collection in mind.

Often, a personal brand focuses on three aspects: name, photos, personality. The latter two work together to build commonality and trust with individual consumers. At the time, Dr. Anna had begun creating a very clinical brand, with photos of her with a stethoscope and wearing a lab coat. Although the photos could lend instant credibility, we believed this would hurt her among the targeted demographic of middle-aged women seeking health advice. Many of these women feel uncomfortable about their bodies and health and are worried about being judged. They have turned to the internet because they think their own doctors are judging them, so we wanted to back off the heavy medical visuals. We wanted Dr. Anna to be seen as a friend that happens to be a doctor. So we ditched the lab coat, and moved her outside.

After some deliberation and evaluating the competition, we determined a single umbrella site would be the best way for product unification. We could redesign every single site, but that seemed unnecessary. Instead, we created a single site highlighting and linking to her wide range of products. A single site would create a single point of focus for marketing efforts.

We also needed to use the site to collect email addresses. Unfortunately, we had to integrate it with a third-party system that bogs down the loading time. Despite the load time, they are doing their job. Emails are getting collected and Dr. Anna is building her marketing base.

Since the site was built, Dr. Anna has been able to take advantage of the single umbrella site to create several successful marketing campaigns. Driving more consumers to her site and building her fan base.


Dr. Anna Cabeca