Website for Healthcare Non-Profit

Angel’s Advocacy Care Network (AACN) is a not for profit organization that pairs patients and their families with experienced, trained advocates to help educate and equip them to navigate the health care system as they wrestle with the diagnosis of a major medical condition.

AACN is funded entirely by donations. We were contacted by the Community Relations Director to develop a fresh, modern website that would appeal to potential donors and provide a direct call-to-action for donations. It also needed to prominently display the logos of their key partners.

After a conversation with the Community Relations Director we were able to formulate a website architecture that was simple and straightforward for potential donors, while also providing all the relevant information needed for anyone visiting the website. Although the site has few pages, three areas of navigation seemed to be the best approach. The top navigation provides the top four links most visitors are looking for. The footer includes links to every page on the website. Once you get into secondary pages, there is a side-bar menu for links that are still important, but not as important as the top four. This arrangement of navigation allows most visitors to get where they need to be quickly, while still keeping it simple.

We also updated the application process for both patients and volunteers. In the past, it was necessary to download an application and either email or mail it back. Dynamic, online forms were developed to gather the information quickly and send it on to the right person. This both speeds up the process, and ensures all the necessary information is collected.


Angel's Advocacy Care Network