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Everything is different!

We moved Adelie Design to Florida on July 4th, 2011, and changed its name to Flightless. In the meantime, we fell into the trap of many a company: we were so busy helping our clients (not to mention our new baby), we never updated our own website! Well, here we are. Welcome to the new […]

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Letter f made with wooden blocks

Alphabet Blocks

I was playing blocks with my son today for the umpteenth time and decided to “cure” my boredom. You can tell by the change of colors on occasion that he decided he didn’t like what Mommy was doing. Each photograph was the first way I thought of to create each letter. (more…)

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Think of the Users

Many businesses fall into a simple trap on their websites: they load up the front page with paragraphs and paragraphs of information important to the company. “What’s wrong with that?”, you might ask. Simply put: your visitors don’t care.

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Google Apps Dropping Support for IE6

Google is officially ending support for Internet Explorer 6 in Google Apps. This affects users of Google Docs and Google Sites beginning March 1, 2010, and will affect users of Google Mail and Google Calendar later this year. This is a welcome change. Providing support for a decade old web browser is severely limiting what […]

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Our Forebearers

As a designer, one program I use a lot is Adobe Illustrator. It’s a good program for building logos, artwork for screen printing, and other simple illustrations. Back in 1963 Ivan Sutherland developed a program called Sketchpad that helped make future computer drawing programs (like Illustrator and AutoCAD) possible. Hat tip: swissmiss

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Let’s “negotiate”

People are always trying to “negotiate” with designers to get the “best deal”. Many of us are more than willing to help you work within your budget, but sometimes the requests are downright ridiculous. This video shows you just how ridiculous those requests sound. Hat tip: Swissmiss

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