Roles, Caps, and Meta Caps: Harnessing the WordPress Capabilities API

Jonathan Brinley

October 14, 2017

This presentation focuses on the technical aspects of role and capability management in WordPress. How do you create and edit user roles? How do you dynamically filter capabilities? What the heck is a “meta capability”? How can you have more control than the various role editing plugins provide?

Build Your Dev Environment with Docker

Jonathan Brinley

May 31, 2015

Virtual machines can help solve the problem, but they’re often overweight and insufficiently flexible. Enter Docker, a framework for managing lightweight server containers, giving you the environments you need to effectively test your projects.

The Technical Debt Snowball

Jonathan Brinley

December 6, 2014

Start making small changes now. Automated testing, refactoring, documentation, design, style guides—even a little bit will have immediate returns. By paying off your small debts, you’ll find that you have the resources to begin tackling your larger debts. Let’s get started today, identifying the low-hanging fruit to get your technical debt snowball rolling.