Why Us

We’re Investment Managers

Illustration of traditional bi-fold wallet.

You’ve made the decision to invest in a new logo or website, expecting it to pay off in business growth. At Flightless, we understand it’s your money and reputation on the line. Whether you’re spending $3,000 or $30,000 we look out for your best interest. We will offer suggestions and recommendations on the most cost effective solutions, but you make the final decision.

We Make it Work

Illustration of small tape measure.

Sure, your website looks good to you on your giant screen, but can a color-blind person navigate your site? What about a blind person? Does it look good on a tablet or smartphone? And that’s a really awesome logo, but will it print on a pen? At Flightless, we think about who’s using your website and how your logo will be used. It should work no matter the person or the size.

We Take it Personally

Illustration of green bowtie with yellow polka dots.

Business partners should be chosen carefully. You’re not just our client and we’re not just a service provider. Flightless cares about you, your business, your employees, and your family. When we develop a new logo or improve your website, we want what’s best for your business.

We’re Experienced

Illustration of traditional bi-fold wallet.

Over the years, Flightless has designed and fine-tuned a variety of proven processes. These techniques help us get you the right design, the best functionality, the most flexibility; all in a predictable timeframe.